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Phoenix DSA joins Anakbayan Phoenix in calls to #RejectMarcosDuerte

On June 30th, the son of a corrupt U.S. backed dictator was inaugurated into the presidency in the Philippines. We're joining Anakbayan Phoenix in their call to #RejectMarcosDuterte by sending in a selfie with a protest sign that says “reject and fight the US-Marcos-II regime!” More info here:

The first Marcos looted the country with the support of the U.S. through years of martial law, but the Philippines' people power movement overthrew him in 1986. Still, his family's impact continued to be felt through a decades-long project of historical revisionism. Now, Marcos II and Sara Duterte, offspring of previous repressive presidents and dictators in their own right, have tightened their grip by being elected back into power in the Philippines. Both families have received major support from the U.S., especially while enacting policies to suppress their left-wing opposition. The U.S. ruling class has pulled no punches in its typical neocolonial playbook of arms dealing and militarism, which you can learn more about in our DSA International Committee panel with a member of BAYAN:

It would be a good show of international solidarity for DSA comrades and all supporters of genuine democracy to participate in this campaign to #RejectMarcosDuterte!

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