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For An Internationalist DSA

At our meeting on April 26th, Phoenix DSA voted unanimously in favor of a motion to sign onto the For An Internationalist DSA letter after open discussions at that and the prior meeting. While the NPC has since rightfully reinstated the BDS & Palestinian Solidarity Working Group, their leadership remains suspended from national leadership.

As the Congressman who prompted this uproar continues to signal willingness to fund the Iron Dome and reluctance to engage with membership after indefinitely postponing a re-endorsement forum in his district’s chapter, this is all the more unacceptable.

We reject any bureaucratic attempts to silence militant voices for Palestinian liberation from within this organization and elsewhere. We cannot claim easy victories from elected officials if they act in material opposition to both our platform and our Palestinian comrades. Our solidarity rests soundly with those struggling against imperialism and apartheid, and we affirm our commitment to match our words with action.

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