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A Statement from the Phoenix Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America

We condemn, unequivocally, the bombing campaign launched last night by the US and its allies in Syria. This act of war is a violation of fundamental human rights and the sovereignty of the Syrian people. No matter what the claimed humanitarian intentions, imperialist military actions can not and will never liberate the people of Syria nor anyone else.

We acknowledge that the US government and military is the world's greatest threat to peace.

We stand in solidarity with all those who are oppressed by US and European imperialism.

We stand in solidarity with those oppressed by colonialism and similar occupations and we acknowledge that those forces of oppression are often supported by the same US and European powers.

As Socialists living within the worlds largest, most dangerous imperialist and military power, we believe it is our moral responsibility to organize for the abolition of imperialism, militarism and colonialism and to build solidarity among all working class people to those ends.

This statement was proposed, voted on and approved by a quorum of members at our Chapter's April 14th 2018 Regular Meeting.

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