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Phoenix DSA 2020-2021 Mission Statement

Phoenix DSA is fighting for a socialist transformation of society. In the wake of the continuing COVID-19 crisis, the need for this transformation is apparent. As we work toward this goal, we stand in solidarity with the working class of Phoenix and the country. We support organization, action, and key legislation that further the cause of the international working class and an end to all forms of oppression.

As Phoenix DSA, we proclaim the following:


  • Supporting and growing the labor movement to build worker power;

  • Fighting for a Green New Deal with a just transition;

  • Racial justice now and the abolition of the carceral capitalist state;

  • A single-payer Medicare for All system;

  • Standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and fighting for equality;

  • Continued political education programs to help build class consciousness and advocate for better, more complete, and fully funded public education;

  • Standing against imperialism and colonization, and advocating for the right to self-determination and self-governance for all peoples;

  • For the creation of an economic system fully in democratic worker control;

  • Gaining class independence from capitalist control and influence.

As part of our commitment to the above goals, we embrace a call for liberation from the current capitalist establishment and will use this call as a guiding point for our daily struggles. 

Our expanded mission statement can be found here.

Our chapter’s mission statement is subordinate to the national DSA platform, which will be adopted at the 2021 National Convention in August.

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