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Phoenix DSA Values

Phoenix DSA fights for a socialist transformation of our society. As we work toward this goal, we stand in solidarity with the working class of Phoenix, Arizona, the country, and of the world. We support organization, action, and key legislation that further the cause of the international working class and an end to all forms of oppression.

As Phoenix DSA, we proclaim the following:


  • We demand a society where, through democratic processes, a full life for all may be achieved

  • The economy must be run democratically; no one should be poor so another can be rich

  • The right to quality healthcare, food, and shelter

  • Free education from pre-K to trades, college, and beyond

  • Democracy in the workplace; through unions and worker cooperatives, all workers have the right to organize. 

  • Complete reproductive freedom

  • An end to oppression based on race, age, gender, physical or mental ability, creed, and sexual preference

  • An end to punitive justice and mass incarceration; rehabilitation over retribution

  • An end to military and policy aggression

  • A carbon neutral, safe, sustainable, democratically controlled environment

  • A public jobs guarantee with a living wage

  • Free and fair elections and an end to voter suppression and private influence in politics 

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