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and Donations

We're glad you're interested in joining the Phoenix chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America! We get funded through dues splitting with the national organization, which comes out to 20% of monthly dues paid by our members. Additionally, donations to our chapter directly put money into our organizing work throughout the Valley. As we are a 501(c)(4), these are not tax deductible.

Join the DSA

To keep our work going and become a full member, sign up for dues here. On average, members pay about $10 a month for dues. These help us stay autonomous, as we don't have to rely on grants or big donations by the wealthy. Instead, our sustainability and success lies in our members' hands. After you sign up, you should receive a welcome email with a subject line that starts with "Thank you for being a DSAer!" When you do, forward it to so we can get you on the Slack and help you join the discussions. If you have questions about paying dues, read this FAQ.

We don't want to exclude people based on the ability to pay dues, so you can always request a dues waiver using this form to stay in good standing for the next 12 months. You can also cancel your recurring payments and/or leave the organization using this form. For more information about this subject, you can check this FAQ from DSA National.

Donate to the PHX DSA

As Phoenix DSA receives only a small kickback of member dues from national DSA, much of what we do depends upon local donations. If you'd like to directly fund that work, consider donating to this chapter. A few places that your donations could go:


- Putting on canvasses

- Space fees, materials, and snacks for our Socialist Night School

- Chapter meeting space, Zoom account for virtual meetings, and social event space fees

- Printing flyers, trifolds, posters, and buttons

- Our chapter website and social media advertising

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