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Harassment and Grievance Policy

In the 2017 National DSA Convention, Resolution 33 for a Harassment Policy was passed (FAQ). This outlines procedures to justly address allegations of harm, and reinforces our commitment to an organizing space free of harassment and abuse. Ensuring that this organization is inclusive to members of all genders, races, classes, and sexual orientations is integral to our fight for socialism.

To do so, our chapter appoints at least 2 Harassment and Grievance Officers (HGOs) yearly, who must be active members that the chapter can trust to handle grievances in a fair, compassionate, and professional manner. A document describing this chapter's implementation of the policy, including templates for grievance reporting, grievance responses, appeals, and complaints against an HGO for removal, can be found here. Our chapter's Code of Conduct can also be found here.

To file a grievance, contact our local HGOs via a confidential email accessible only by the HGOs: An HGO will contact the subject of the complaint within 7 days of notification, and any applicable action must be taken within 30 days. Resolution 33 prohibits retaliation against any member for filing a grievance. 

Alternatively, National DSA has designated an HGO for anyone that doesn't have full confidence in a quick and just response from this chapter. If you have any questions, concerns, or grievances in this case, please contact

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