The Phoenix Local Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America seeks to facilitate the transition to a truly democratic and socialist society, one in which the means/resources of production are democratically and socially controlled.  DSA rejects an economic order based on private profit, alienated labor, gross inequalities of wealth and power, discrimination, brutality and violence in defense of the status quo.  DSA envisions a humane society based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships.


​Phoenix DSA welcomes you no matter your availability or level of commitment. DSA is a broad, diverse coalition of workers, activists, parents, and students. We welcome your support and camaraderie in any form or capacity.



Phoenix DSA 2020-2021 Mission Statement

Phoenix DSA is fighting for a socialist transformation of society. In the wake of the continuing COVID-19 crisis, the need for this transformation is apparent. As we work toward this goal, we stand in solidarity with the working class of Phoenix and the country. We support organization, action, and key legislation that further the cause of the international working class and an end to all forms of oppression.

As Phoenix DSA, we commit to the following:


  • Supporting The People’s Bailout, the realization of a living wage, with the aim of $25/hr, double hazard pay during the crisis for front-line workers, true protection for workers, and equitable distribution of bailout funds;

  • A Green New Deal, public ownership of energy utilities, accountability for energy executives, and a worker-led transformation of the energy sector into one based on renewable, carbon-neutral sources;

  • The cause of labor organizers, the strengthening of existing labor unions, the creation of new labor unions, the cause of mutual aid networks, and the creation of tenant unions;

  • The fight against inequality, injustice, and oppression, the struggle for gender equality, for migrant justice, and for the abolition of ICE;

  • The cause of racial justice, a transformation of the criminal justice system, the end of modern slavery and mass incarceration, the release of nonviolent inmates, protections for remaining inmates, and defunding the police;

  • The realization of healthcare as a human right, continuing our advocacy for Medicare For All, and joining the call for a comprehensive, worker-led national response to COVID-19.

As part of our commitment to the above goals, we embrace the call for the formation of an independent, working-class party outside the current capitalist establishment and will use this call as a guiding point for our struggle every day.





Phoenix DSA receives only a small kickback of member dues from national DSA. Everything else we do depends upon local donations. A few places that your donations could go:


- Putting on Medicare for All canvasses

- Space fees, materials, and snacks for our Socialist Night School

- Chapter meeting space and social event space fees

- Printing flyers, trifolds, posters, and buttons

- Our chapter website and social media advertising




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